Quran Talim Program

Learn the Quran in the language it was revealed. As part of this session, the explanation is done using Arabic Grammar helping you learn Arabic as well as the meaning of the Quran..


After Maghreb

Every Monday And Tuesday


Maulana Nasir


About the Speaker

Dr. Nasir Bakhshi is a highly qualified scholar with advanced degrees in Islamic Studies as well as worldly affairs. He completed his Islamic Studies including the Quran, Hadith, Fiqh and other Islamic sciences from the reputed Islamic School Jamia Ashrafiya in Lahore. Dr. Bakhshi is also a Hafiz. He also learned the Tafsir from Maulana Maududi’s sessions in person. In addition to his Islamic qualifications, Dr. Bakhshi holds a PHD in Statistics and an MBA. He was a professor at the DePaul University teaching statistics. He is currently retired.